NEW PARODY FOR CLASSMATES, which is a prison parody of the social network, which unites over 10 million people, by February 7, has become one of the most popular entertainment sites on the Runet. Resource visitors are invited to participate in the life of the outgoing community.

    According to the LiveInternet counter, over 80 thousand people visited the resource in 24 hours. The counter itself works for only a few days, although according to some reports, the resource was launched at least at the end of January. How could such a site so quickly gain popularity among users? The main sources of attendance for him are links sent by users to each other, as well as social networks and Vkontakte. So far, the site has only two pages and registration does not work.

    This example shows us how easy and affordable in our time to create your own social network without making any special effort. It is enough to just come up with a name so that it is in tune with the original source, and the “new” social network is ready to take everything else from it. Where is the world heading? How do you feel dear habra people to this?

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