Hawaiian Spicy Soup

    HAWAI SPICY SOUP 1011 | warms well and cooks quickly |

    Ingredients for one serving:

    * Hawaiian mixture: sweet pepper, corn, green peas, tomatoes, rice (boiled). Proportions - by eye, but with a large number of vegetables tastier. Total weight 180-200 gr.
    * 300 ml of milk (or 200 milk + 100 water). For each subsequent portion - 200 ml of milk.
    * Caraway seeds, sesame seeds, hot chili \ cayenne pepper, sugar
    * Adjika or other hot flavoring mixture
    * Olive or palm or butter

    UPD: outwardly the soup looks like this 0))

    Process :

    1. heat the saucepan and pour ½ tsp. (teaspoon) sesame and caraway seeds
    2. in a couple of minutes, when the characteristic smell of caraway seeds appears, pour in oil and pour in chili (to taste, it turned out on the tip of the knife) and wait for the sesame to brown
    . 3. Pour the Hawaiian mixture and fry a little over high heat so that the vegetables take up. Stir while adding sugar (0.5-1 tsp) in the process
    4. Pour milk and adjika (to taste, I ½ tsp)
    5. Bring to a boil and leave for 3-4 minutes on a weak fire
    6. After shutting down, let stand for at least 10 minutes. But you can not wait =) if you are afraid of drowning in saliva

    Positive aspects :
    (in addition to unusual taste / aftertaste and aroma)

    * It can be served both hot and cold with a sprig of mint.
    * It warms well and cooks quickly.
    * Quite inexpensive to cook.

    Of the shortcomings, perhaps:

    * spicy food - not for everybody. If the soup is not spicy, it will not be tasty
    * all ingredients

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