Ah, this Google!

    Honestly, I can hardly imagine why you can’t dislike Google. Not one of his services has ever given me any complaints, and the number and variety of these services can satisfy, probably, most of the needs of a Runet user.
    Let’s try to “survey” the main and most popular services? .. If someone did this before me (which is very, very likely), I apologize for the duplication, but I really want to)) That's why I write in a personal one, in order to express myself without claims for uniqueness).

    First of all, about the search. It is unlikely that there will be anyone who will dispute the fact that this service has a palm. The search is the coolest and the most complete. But he is not just stupidly searching) However, closer to the point and more specifics.
    • Google cache. Pages are indexed and indexed, and then UFO abducts them. But what if the UFO stole that very important page? .. No problem - Google will easily demount you a page at the time of its last indexation. Behind the “cached” link that follows each search result, there is a page dragged even to the farthest nook of the galaxy.
    • Definitions. Google is an excellent determinant!) A worthy heir to Dahl. If you enter define before the search query, then Google will perform a heroic search on Wikipedia and provide us with information about the term. By the way, according to query statistics, users like to determine the computer and Cthulhu most of all. Not in the last place is the request to define love - they turn to Google to solve philosophical issues)
    • Do you need a specific file type? .. For example, .doc? No problems. Request request_type filetype: doc will find exactly MS Office documents containing the request_ essence . Nothing prevents you from searching among PDFs, for example, of course)
    • Search for links to an object. Especially relevant for owners of blogs and sites - allows you to calculate who, when and why referred to your materials. link: help you.

    These are the most underutilized features of the Google search engine, about which I decided to enlighten, if anyone is not in the know. In addition, Google has a calculator, a currency converter, and even a weather forecaster). The weather query: populated point will determine whether to wear a sheepskin coat or shorts today, to get an umbrella or sunglasses.

    If you decide to create an account, then at your service is an iGoogle page, which is very convenient to hang on the start page. The concept of iGoogle is the so-called gadgetswhich you can place in any order and configure as you wish, dealing with a friendly and intuitive interface. Gadgets are different - black, white, red. But seriously, here is the weather, and jokes, and an arbitrary webcam, and “sticky notes”, and bookmarks, and news, and holidays, and Gmail - and everything is convenient, compact and on one page. Aesthetes can choose a design theme to their taste.
    There is such a thing as Google AdSense. I just started an account there, so I don’t have the moral right to go into the specifics, because I have not yet studied the program thoroughly enough, but everything looks quite tasty, and the reviews are generally positive. AdSense is a way to earn extra money by advertising on your blog / website by inserting the Google ad unit of links into it. Everything is customizable and, in principle, does not spoil anything, like banners of other affiliates that cripple the entire color gamut of the page and can cause an epilepsy attack with an abundance of dynamics in predisposed juzvereys). But, I repeat, until I tried and did not receive money from them. By the way, money comes by check, and, as I understand it, it is more pleasant and less labor-consuming to use special services for cashing.
    Gmail Just a good post. Despite the fact that the service is provided with the mark “Beta”, no glitches were noticed. The spam filter has not yet missed anything unwanted and cut anything that was desired, and 6,000 or more mb of disk space after corporate 10 prompted me to print exactly the Jimail address on my business card, because by the nature of my business I deal with very voluminous messages.

    In general, that's all for now) This does not mean that Google services are limited to this list, just until I needed others. Now I’ll test Google’s blogger.com service, maybe I’ll write something else. Thank you for your attention and again sorry, if the topic is too dirty, I just have a Google attack)

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