Usability Bulletin. Issue No. 15

    Aaron Marcus. 12 myths about mobile user interfaces | UPA Monthly, January 2008 | 7 Usability Rules for Mobile Websites | Pagination of a site: how to do it right | Tag Clouds: Overview and Case Studies | Gennady Dragun: Attempts to visualize the concept of

    Aaron Marcus. 12 myths about mobile user interfaces
    Developers have many illusions and misconceptions about user interface design for mobile devices and platforms. A thirty-five-year-old veteran in the field of graphical interface debunks some conceptual errors and offers a different view of a number of other problems.
    UPA Monthly, January 2008
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    7 Usability Rules for Websites for Mobile Devices
    The number of people using the Internet from mobile devices has increased significantly over the past few years. In the UK, for example, the mobile phone market is nearing saturation, and more and more browsers installed on mobile devices allow you to view regular websites designed for standard computers. According to, 20% of all UK mobile phone users access the Internet from their mobile devices.
    Pagination of a site: how to do it right
    The structure and hierarchy help streamline the site, simplify working with it and improve perception. The more thoughtful the placement of articles on your site is, the easier it is for people to understand your ideas, and the more likely it is that you will achieve your goal. On the Internet, you can achieve this in many ways. In documents, headers and lists are often used to represent information in the form of structured information blocks. An alternative to this method of logical structuring is pagination of a site - a mechanism that provides users with additional navigation options to view individual sections of a single publication. Sections of the publication are numbered, various types of links are put on them - for example, a table of contents with the order of the pages, as well as hints and links that allow you to go to the next or
    Tag Clouds: Overview and Usage Examples
    In this article we will look at a few examples of tag clouds, show their weaknesses and offer some effective practical approaches to using tags and links.
    Gennady Dragun: Attempts to visualize the concept
    In his speech at the User Experience Russia 2007 conference, Gennady Dragun, a leading information architect from EPAM, examined in detail the models embedded by the leading usability authors in the very concept of User Experience.


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