Test the power of your friendship

    We all know the proverb “Do not have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred friends”, but few tried to justify it mathematically. It would seem that here is to prove - each of the friends just has to give at least 1p. But here the laws of social relations and interpersonal relationships come into effect: some may not have such an amount on hand, others may not be available, and others, on the contrary, will be able to give as many as 5.

    More than one social network has not tried to turn strong or weak ties between their participants in some kind of monetary equivalent, or at least try to evaluate them. But ... meet: the first financial social network: “Kazul” .


    Registration is open, the main motivation: bring a friend and get a win . A network of friends is conveniently divided into a tree of relationships - who leads whom.

    Way to win

    Play or not?

    Taking a closer look, it seems that the face is the usual financial “pyramid”, when older participants receive a guaranteed gain due to new injections. However, this is not so:

    Firstly, in Kazul, you do not need any money to start a test game. You can always launch a new game in test mode and track how quickly it will fill up with participants, or even fill it yourself by sending a link to friends.

    Secondly, with such a game, no commission to the system leaves. Everything that you won, you can successfully invest in the beginning of the games of other participants, take it to your wallet or replenish your mobile account. The system has its own virtual money.

    Another point that I would like to note: up to 12 users participate in the game, however, when you already have 3 users in the game, you get your bet back. At the same time, the appearance of another 9 people and filling in the remaining cells will bring 3 more times than the initial bid, that is, your final win will be 4 times more than the initial investments.

    In fact, we get a whole system that can be compared to a large tree. You are its “branch”, and at the same time have several “leaves”. rules

    The web as a medium

    Kazul , using the web as an environment, makes it much easier for you to check the trust of your friends (it’s not always known who can borrow money and who can’t). And most importantly, creating a game , it is very interesting to watch the connection of new participants and your winnings, to watch how completely unfamiliar people, forming weak connections , are able to change your financial condition.

    In this game, fortune does not rule, but there are clear simple rules, without pitfalls or tricks. The only thing you need is to have as many friends as possible! Well, which of you will not be able to boast of this? And therefore - welcome to the project!

    Kazul - a new online game where money is not an accident, but a rule!

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