Note on window previews

    In whist, when AERO GLASS is turned on, when you hover over some “button” of the window in the taskbar (taskbar), a small preview of this window appears. Nice, huh? Moreover: she is “alive”. Those. if a video is playing in the window, then the preview will also play, etc.
    But not everyone knows that it is “live” only if the window is NOT minimized. Otherwise, the last snapshot of the window that was taken before minimization will be shown. This is not very cool - if the video is thrown down, it will not be played in the preview (although few people need it, but still). And, alas, we won’t do anything about it.
    Windows are drawn only when a corresponding message is sent to them from the operating system. So, if the window is minimized,Such messages are not sent by the operating system to this window. And, probably, for reasons of compatibility, this has not been changed in Vista.
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