Free internet on travel with ComfortWay

    Mobile Internet has become for many the basic value and one of the goals of ComfortWay is to make access to it free. Today I will show how we plan to do this together with the company's Internet partners.

    ComfortWay loyalty philosophy

    The essence of loyalty program СomfortWay is quite transparent and understandable - users receive bonuses when they purchase through the service of our partners their services. In fact, we are talking about the transformation of Pay-per-Sale models towards the transfer of our reward to the user. With the outward simplicity of the loyalty program, we get an interesting picture, when the opportunity to access the Internet becomes the base value for the traveler and aggregates around him a pool of relevant partner services that organically complement each other and completely cover all critical travel needs. What partners / services are our potential partners?

    The peculiarity of the program is that the user can receive a bonus when buying a SIM card with a partner (not a referral program) or as a return to the balance when making repeated purchases from a partner. The flexibility of the program is that offline Partners of the company - operators, banks, corporate clients can create their own loyalty programs - invite online services that are relevant to their tasks or choose from existing ones in the program.

    Custom Scripts

    Options for working with bonuses around CwSim will be implemented in several ways.

    With integration

    • Discounts on the partner’s service when re-purchasing services to cardholders by entering a SIM ID on the partner’s side.
    • Entering the promo code of the partner in the ComfortWay application. /
    • The possibility of acquiring CwSim at a discount through the service partner marketplace. / *
    • Conversion of traffic packages into bonuses or currency of gaming platforms. / *

    Without integration

    • Announcement of discounts for the purchase of CwSim in the partner’s personal account. / prepare a nice case
    • Transfer CwSim user promo services partner. /

    Today, we are developing an API for integrating any of the options listed above and in the application the loyalty program will look something like this.

    The menu "BONUS" will be presented to all partners participating in the program.

    If we talk about partner and program support, we see it in informing CwSim users about partner services, such as SMS or push notifications and program announcements at the site level and the ComfortWay application .

    In our plans to solve the problem of “end-to-end” loyalty or transfer to online offline partnership models with resellers. Then the Internet partner will be able to motivate the client to buy a SIM-card, receive remuneration for it, receive interest from the traffic of a sold card and / or charge bonuses to the client. The advantage for the partner is obvious - the client will not be able to get bonuses on the card from a competitor - ID SIM when selling with the participation of a partner is assigned to him.

    A story for skeptics

    Today, 10% of our client base of tourist routers are active users of the bonus program and the costs of this category on the Internet on travel are reduced by about 2 times.
    25% of this user segment practically does not pay for Internet access services in roaming. In the history around loyalty with the Internet, we are not alone - the recently respected MTS company launched a loyalty program in which users of MTS Bank cards use one of the MTS tariffs and do not pay. If we talk about the preferences of our users in the current loyalty program, then the first place is taken by

    The current loyalty program works according to this scenario - on the program page, the user enters the reservation number, for example, and at this moment N percent of the transaction amount is charged to the balance. N in the program ranges from 3 to 8 euros, which is comparable to the cost of a package of traffic 500 megabytes - 1 gigabyte. Isn't it nice?

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    * - integration is not completed.

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