... more often than not, my desktop looks like this:


    there are no "My Computer" or "Trash" icons - I think that they are completely unnecessary there. And only distract attention.
    and I am a fierce opponent of all kinds of wallpapers.

    My desktop is a haven for temporary files, files with which I don’t know what to do right now, and files that have a short life - such as a clip, some kind of swf game or carbon monoxide.

    But more often than not, my desk is clean. I thought it wasn’t rational - so much usable area wasted.
    And I thought about what to adapt this 1680 x 1050-pixel wealth.

    My occupation involves a lot of mixed cases with different time ranges and the speed of reaction to these tasks.

    Using the diary is terribly inconvenient, all kinds of outlook-like organizers are too bulky and misassigned. It needed an easy, simple solution. And it was found - Stickers. These real stickers are very indispensable for an office worker. The sticker is hanging - it reminds. Did - threw it in the trash.
    But the minus of the physical sticker is that it needs a physical place, most often it is a monitor. But a hung monitor is not carly - time. And it’s not very convenient - two (stickers start to interfere).

    The answer came right on my own - you need good virtual stickers for my empty desktop.
    Software in this direction was, well, just an unrealistic amount, but I still chose.
    My criteria for choosing: small size, portability - that is, the ability to work as it is. without installation, for example from a flash drive. And of course, usability factor.

    I present to you DeskStickers . Is free.

    It is also important to come up with a clear organization of stickers on the table. I divided the tasks for temporary reactions and it turned out like this:

    The first green column: In fact, the tasks we are working on.
    Second blue column: Here you are - tasks that should come soon.
    Third yellow: Someday there are tasks that exist, but could be completed someday later.
    Fourth gray column: Mine are personal things. Type: "record movies on DVD."
    Fifth Red: Urgent! - tasks that require syumin-based intervention or short-term reminders.

    irrelevant stickers are deleted ... but you can always see the story.

    Now my table looks like this:


    The solution is quite simple, but it allows you to keep your head empty and the desktop full.

    of the advantages: you can at a glance evaluate the scale of your workload and upcoming events.
    This experience can be useful to someone.

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