Young people unhappy that parents come to social networks

    The older generation, including grandparents, is gradually mastering Internet technologies. First they mastered e-mail, forums and ICQ, and now it comes to social networks such as Facebook, Myspace and All this terribly annoys young people , as it turns out.

    Experts note an interesting phenomenon: young people use high technology not so much because they like hi-tech and science, but primarily because it is fashionable and allows you to detach from the older generation, to stand out among them, to prove their progressiveness and “coolness”. When a 72-year-old grandmother of a young man or mother of a nymph girl appears among friends on Facebook and asks to add her as a friend, this is not at all cool. For a guy or girl this is a disaster.

    What to do in this situation? Young people have only one way out: to master new, technically more complex services that are considered geeky: Gmail, Twitter, YouTube, etc.


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