Linux in home appliances is already a reality

    The joke about installing Linux on a washing machine or coffee machine has been around for a very long time. Linux on a cell phone also does not surprise us much. In fact, Linux has long been used in various home appliances by major vendors.
    For example, did you know that Linux can stand on your TV? I think not many buyers are aware of this.

    All Phillips TVs built on Nexperia chips (7xxx and 9xxx series) have Linux. Patches for the modified GPL / LGPL software can be found along with firmware on the website .
    A paper copy of the GPL license is included with the TV.

    Sharp AQUOS series televisions also contain Linux. The source codes for the patches can be found here:

    Panasonic Viera TVs also run Linux. I did not find source codes and links to the GPL on official Panasonic sites, but you can read the GPL license text in the menu. Screenshots can be viewed here:
    It seems to me that, upon a separate request to the support service, they should give the source texts of their patches, otherwise FSF I would have been interested in them for a long time.
    The only thing that was found was the patches used in the car multimedia system.

    Toshiba also does not want to lag behind and launched a TV with Linux.
    Announcement on Cnews. Perhaps Toshiba used Linux before, but did not advertise it.

    Well, just the other day, Asus announced a new TV, also running Linux. The announcement text on

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