Monetization of Karma

    The other day, Nudnik (aka Dmitry Smirnov) described in his blog his concept of Baksokarma .

    Perhaps I don’t understand something in his concept, but in my opinion it ’s imperfectly full of holes . For example, when a person puts a plus sign to another person - his karma (bucks) increases. This is true for karma, but not for money.
    UPD: I read it again, I really don’t understand. Everything is much more complicated with him, money is debited. :( But anyway, it is too difficult in my opinion for the virtual economy

    When we pay the money is debited, and such a scheme - nothing good except hyperinflation - can not lead.

    Therefore, there are artificial limits on the size of the wallet:

    “Each user has a maximum wallet size. By default, it is $ 100 *. All receipts above the maximum wallet size disappear "nowhere."

    And other, unacceptable, in my opinion, things. On the other hand, Dmitry is the author of a number of popular games, and who am I? In general, I tried to implement my concept of monetization of karma, and, if interested, you can read about what I got:

    Next, reprint news from the site, from which I hope everything will be more or less clear:

    Added the ability to restrict access to photos posted in Private photo section.

    ... chipped ...

    When placing a photo, three modes are available:

    * Sharing . This photo will be seen by all visitors.
    * For friends only. This photo is only visible to your friends.
    * Z and money)) . You will be given part of the karma per view.

    What are these modes?

    Looking through the photos in this section, you may already have noticed that some photos display, for example, such a picture:

    This means that the user has restricted viewing this photo.

    * Sharing .

    ... chipped ...

    * For friends only .

    ... chipped ...

    * For the money )).

    This is the most interesting mode. Viewing photos in this section is worth one unit of karma.

    When registering a new visitor - his karma is zero and he will not be able to see the photo from this section. But, any user can publish an article, or upload their photo to a public section.
    If visitors like it, they will vote by clicking on this icon
    (if not, on this )

    This will increase the author’s karma by the number of votes cast. And it can be spent on viewing photos from this section. And when viewing closed photos (and other materials with limited access) - one unit of karma is debited from the user's wallet and credited to the author.

    Such is the cycle of karma in nature.

    We will add the ability to not only accumulate and spend karma within the site, but also the opportunity to purchase karma forreal money, or withdraw it from the system.

    Having exchanged for valuable prizes or money, here)

    And the money will be called m $ (mSexy :)), do not be surprised when you see such an icon in your profile.

    Went to pick up valuable prizes for visitors, here)

    Have a nice day!

    That's the whole concept. Two ways are available for the user

    to see materials from the paid section:
    —Participate in the life of the site by posting interesting materials
    - “Buy” karma for real money


    The estimated exchange rate of karma for money is 1 unit - one ruble.

    But I’m not strong in economics, and to be honest now I’m in prostration ...

    —What will happen if the site suddenly becomes popular, and users begin to actively exchange their karma for money (withdraw it from the system)?

    —What is the exchange rate so that it is realistic to collect the required amount of karma of virtual money, and on the other hand, do not reach a negative balance at the end of the month?

    Maybe someone from the habraly people will tell you how to properly build a budget for an Internet project ?? What I did not provide ??

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