Microsoft took up the carts

    January 14, 2008 MediaCart Holdings , Microsoft Corp. and Wakefern Food Corporation told the world about plans to introduce high-tech supermarket trolleys.

    Forget what it’s like to go to the store.

    Upon entering the store, the customer registers the card in a MediaCart computer scanner mounted on a trolley. The display shows useful information - from advertising to various special offers based on the purchase history and / or the saved shopping list, which can be downloaded from your home PC.

    And after that - the consumer’s holiday: a quick search for products on the shelves of the supermarket (of course, it could not do without RFID ), price comparison, information on recipes and product compositions, calculation of the total cost of the contents of the basket, saving time and money using special electronic coupons, payment for goods . It is expected that all these unique innovations will tie customers to specific brands of stores where media carts will be used.

    Software filling solutions -Microsoft Atlas running on Microsoft Windows CE running Microsoft SQL Server. In supermarket chains, the appearance of a supercar is expected in the second half of 2008. As usual, companies vow not to disseminate private information about the preferences of buyers to anyone who does not get it. As usual, the technology will allow advertisers to collect information about the characteristics of the impact of advertising to make it even more effective.

    It should be noted that similar devices appeared earlier, but the initiative quickly faded. Now Microsoft has got down to business and, most likely, the world will finally see a working solution.

    Watch the NBC report, 2 minutes 47 seconds, YouTube:

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