Rumors: Apple is about to release UMPC next year

    According to AppleInsider , Apple intends to use the Intel Silverthrone processor coming out next year in a new line of portable devices, and most likely it will be UMPC (ultra-mobile personal computer) and / or the next generation iPhone.

    Silverthrone was specially developed by Intel for mobile phones and UMPK, and is unique in that it supports data processing speed at the level of the second generation Pentium M and at the same time consumes 10 times less electricity than a regular laptop processor. In addition to all of the above, its production is less expensive than modern processors for mobile devices, which will lead to lower prices for devices where this type of processor will be placed (or the prices will remain the same, but the profit of manufacturers will increase).

    In any case, we should expect something incredible, because Apple never let us down. Yes, and the wait is not long, MacWorld will take place in a couple of weeks and probably something will be announced. Perhaps this device will look like a prototype from Intel (see photo below) that can work without recharging for 24 hours thanks to Silverthrone. Or maybe not, wait and see.

    [ Gizmodo via 38gadgets . Photo: John Griffiths ]

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