Multilingual Forms Interface Design

    Imagine a multilingual site, the editors of which every day have to add information in many languages ​​at once.
    Moreover, they spend most of their working time working with forms.
    It is necessary to make their work as convenient as possible.

    The forms may be as a language-dependent, and linguistic not dependent fields.
    The latter, of course, do not need translations.
    But how to present language-dependent fields to editors - this is what I want to discuss.

    A prerequisite - all language versions must be edited on one page.

    At the moment, I see the following two options:

    1. Switching languages ​​in the form (for example, through tabs). Thus, we present a separate form for each language.

    2. Switching the form fields and filling out all language versions of each field individually.

    Both versions from different points of view seem convenient, depending on the number of fields and languages.
    Perhaps there are other options for representing multilingual forms?
    Please share your advice, who knows.

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