Semantic Web - Cool Addresses!

    A slight lyrical digression. Looking at the history of the web, you understand what they did in good towns: first they laid the main sidewalks. In addition to this, people trampled on comfortable paths. And then these paths (where it’s convenient for people) were paved, and everything turned out well. So it is on the web. At first, a rather miserable HTML appeared, which until today has grown into a practically universal and perfect tool. Because they finished it in such a way that it would be convenient, based on experience, and not on a finger poke into the sky.

    So, having watched W3C how people bind FOAF to one address, OpenID and something else decided to standardize it all and make it smarter.

    The task they set for themselves is to standardize the URIs. Here I will give the conclusions of their last draft.

    For example, there is Example Inc. Alice and Bob work there.
    the homepage of Example Inc.
    the homepage of Alice
    the homepage of Bob

    Formulate a problem?

    Suppose a company wants to show off and publish information about Alice in N3 format
     a foaf: Person;
    foaf: name "Alice";
    foaf: mbox ;
    foaf: homepage 

    By all the rules of RDF must contain a link to it. But where is the link? You can’t go to , because by the rulesa foaf: Person; must contain exactly the link to the person.

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