Understanding the financial aspects of the SaaS business model

    Well, in any way I can not promote the Habra public to discuss SaaS issues. How many I do not try :). Even the SaaS concept, which I spoke about in the presentation of our project , few people paid attention to.

    On the other hand, interesting things are observed. In almost every second discussion of the Startups collective blog, one way or another, the idea of ​​some specific business in the former Soviet Union sounds. But if this notorious specificity still exists in reality, then there is no way to understand why then the local business reacts so coldly to on-demand (SaaS) programs. Personally, it seems to me that it’s even hard to come up with a better application of this very specificity.

    Recently, Todd Gardner, CEO of SaaS Capital, Inc., a venture capital company, sent me a link to an interesting report , and I want to bring it to your attention. It is called "Understanding the Financial Implications of the Software-as-a-Service Business Model (Understanding the financial aspects of the SaaS business model)."

    The report was compiled by independent analysts on behalf of SaaS Capital, Inc. Todd Gardner created this venture company in 2006. In 2007, he invited William Rurode, the former head of one of Bank of America, one of the largest US banks, to join the company. You can tell a lot about each of them, but not about that now.

    It is easy to understand from the name of the company that the main direction of its investment policy is startups in the field of SaaS. Recently, the company received a credit line in the amount of $ 10 million (communications in America are also a great thing :)).

    SaaS business is now considered in the United States as exceptionally highly profitable, with very low risks. Already in 2008, William Rurode plans to repay all loans. A typical SaaS Capital, Inc. client is expected to earn at least 3 million a year.

    I think this is enough to interest everyone who works in the field of organizing business in new areas of IT. If necessary, I am ready to participate in the translation of the material proposed to your attention.

    -The discussion on this note suddenly came down to the question of the uniqueness of the Russian Internet business, which "cannot be understood with our minds." The same topic, in part, found its continuation in my other article and in the discussion around it.

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