Startup Earthmine

    Among the companies that represent our respected planet on the network, new players are appearing. With proprietary technologies. I saw it on the network, I hasten to share it.
    It seems like the development of technology in the field of displaying the Planet goes towards 3D. We looked from space, registered a grid of roads - it's time to build houses. And the guys from Earthmine can do it fast.

    As I understand it ... they can shoot an image at the same time fixing the distance to each point, its position in space. Well, maybe not everyone. Not the point.
    NASA uses their technology in some sort of flight to Mars. And the good fellows remove reality from a car traveling around the city. And it seems like they know how to do it all instantly on the Internet with a clear reference to the area. And certain objects in such an environment (for example, a trash can) can water you with social advertising: “Trash is not good, throw us!”

    There is an excellent video and article in English at this address .

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