What kind of OpenSource?

    And here, by the way, is an interesting topic of license checks and OpenSource. Can someone share practical experience of interaction when comrades from a certain department came to check you? ...

    ... and were surprised to find out that you have “what kind of Linux?” On your servers

    I foresee in the future such a quest in our offices, so now we are going to give up the Microsoft direct licensing path . We already have licenses for the rest of the software, some of them are used by freeware, in addition, there are several servers on which various Linux distributions are installed, from Altov to Fedora.

    And if the licenses for commercial software are carefully prepared and taken into account, then what about OpenSource? How to practically confirm the actual “free” of the program, if the stupid official is not interested in it and he believes that there should be a license for each program? Is this really so? The absence of claims by the copyright holder is not a reason for not conducting an audit. Well, how do you get a corporate “for clarification” mailer from you for a week or two?

    "What is Fedora? And where is the license for it? What is the GPL? Yes, I can print it too! License, I ask where? On what basis are you using this program, which company transferred the rights to it to you? Why is there no seal on this license? Where is the agreement with this company for use? What does it mean “not developed by the company, but by the community?”

    And it's not just about Linux. Licenses for Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice and other Windows freeware software where are they distributed?

    If someone came across this in practice, please share your experience.

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