Thoughts on § 145 of the Caucus

    In less than five minutes, as I read the chapter straight from the tin Mandership about presentation ... As always there pishch I and (fucking imagine a typo!) To think about :) and a flurry of memories ... Nakata
    overhead projector piece useful and cool.
    They were in our school and we used them.
    Since we were not Americans who were “organically prone to think with our eyes,” and thought exclusively with our heads, we rarely used them.
    I was especially lucky for those who sat on the cherished desk with a projector and when the teacher turned away ... one could slip into the projector:
    - a leaflet with a sacred three-letter brand;
    - a leaflet with "....... - sucker!"
    - installation “brush and middle finger”
    Always fired with this business. The questions “Who did this?” did not arise. Punished. But it was worth it.
    Eh ... time is running out. Now it would be possible to completely bend the laptop screen and slip it under the projector.
    Returning to the point, there’s only one thought: for all my dislike of point-to-point, despite the fact that the amount of dull corporate humor in the format of “presentation” sent by mail has increased, § 145 has put all the dots over the letters over which ... The alarm is in my soul.

    Is Russian Office Plankton Americanized?

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