Stylish hard from Tomato

    The Korean company Tomato introduced an ultra-thin and stylish hard drive, which you should definitely pay attention to as a lover of technological innovations, and for those for whom the appearance and design of the next "piece of hardware" means more than its technical characteristics.

    Tomato characterizes its new product, called Tomato D-18 as an image product. Its decent size (60 GB), a USB interface for connecting to a PC and the lack of need for an external power source (all via USB) are not the main thing.

    And the main thing is the appearance of the device. First, dimensions: the thickness of the D-18 is only 8.5 mm (you can easily carry it in your pocket and use it instead of a “flash drive”, which is much smaller in volume). And, secondly, war paint: hard is available in several versions (black, silver, red, blue and yellow) and with an ornament applied to the case, or simply patterns; In any case, it looks pretty.

    It costs Tomato D-18 $ 107. That's only sold so far only in Korea. And whether it will be available somewhere else is not yet known.

    There are a large number of photos on the product page .

    via gizmodo

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