Online Encyclopedia Will Pay Authors

    A notable event in the life of the largest online encyclopedia occurred this week. The Wikipedia Foundation Manager Wikimedia Foundation received a donation of $ 20,000 from a professor at the Massachusetts University of Technology Philip Greenspun, who wished that the money be spent on acquiring professional illustrations for articles. His arguments seemed convincing to the foundation’s council and now he is inviting artists to collaborate on fifty of the articles selected to begin with.

    According to Professor Greenspoon, the main contribution of the publisher of the printed encyclopedia to its value is the addition of quality illustrations. Thanks to this, the same Encyclopedia BritannicaDespite the lag in the coverage of the latest phenomena and events from its network opponent, in many ways it is still a more valuable source of information than it is.

    Funds can offer their work to everyone, but only the best of them will be selected for insertion into articles. Their authors will receive $ 40 apiece. In fact, this is the first time that Wikipedia will pay its authors.

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