What real Habr-people will not do!

    kitchen faucet

    “Mom-dad, everything is in order, I figured out the tap in the kitchen, I fixed everything myself. So don’t worry - I won’t flood neighbors anymore ”- I sent this letter a couple of hours ago to my parents. And now I frantically write on my blog a bright thought that has cut my mind - well, and I was a fool, I robbed myself!

    Just an hour ago, I lost 600 rubles and 3 hours of time trying to save 300 rubles on a plumber's call. HECK! Well, why did it reach me just now ?!

    I am hardworking, but I hate washing floors and dishes - this is not the kind of work that I like. And in childhood, parents said: “Yes, it is difficult and unpleasant. But if you don’t take it, then who will do it? ” And only now I realized that I don’t give a damn who would do it. Anyone, not me.

    It’s just that in every case there is an order and a law stating that a specialist should do the thingand not a “crap”. It’s completely stupid when I turn the kitchen faucet at home for three hours in a row, instead of earning 300 rubles per hour. After all, this amount is enough to pay for plumbing services. But it turns out that in these three hours I lose 600 rubles.

    Mom-Dad, you understand, finally, that times have changed a long time ago, and subsistence farming will not make us young or rich or happy.

    Yes, and here is a link to a very interesting article about how “hard work” is generally harmful. According to the author, a very successful person (and I will be so too!), Such natural hard work corrupts worse than drugs. And I agree with that !!!

    I'd rather continue to torment my laptop. No, pooh! I will be easy and effortless to make money! I am sure thatMost of the Habram-minded Habra-people also do not want to “hunchback” in order to save a penny.

    It’s better to earn thousands !!!

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