Little Teens and the Internet

    We are talking about those who are "not dumb children anymore", but also not "teenagers", about people aged 10-13 years

    . Some of the habro-people have children, some have younger brothers and sisters. I myself have a younger brother. And let them be "bragged", they say goes to music, karate, etc., but what does he do at the computer, what does he give him? All the time he spends on him are shooters and similar games. But recently, he began to use the Internet. But for what? Again, for games, well, maybe for communication, but these are the “little things” that were discussed a hundred times by everyone.

    I had a question, and why is it so interesting to interest my brother on the Internet so that he not only plays toys, but also develops, becomes erudite (not like me) ... The maximum that turns out to be found is all the same games, entertainment, dating, well optimization of "Windows, so that it does not slow down in toys."

    So far, the only thing that has been possible to come up with is to give him some kind of resource with interesting information, and if he comes across something unknown, some strange words, then at the same time inform about Wikipedia.

    It remains to come up with what kind of resource to offer him? ;) Habr is certainly good, but perhaps too smart or too specialized ... You really think about a good selection of rss feeds, you just need to do this, sort, kill a lot of time for it, and indeed this news is unlikely to interest him at least a little.

    Does anyone have ideas, links to interesting resources, etc.?

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