patents bad service for bad buyers

    If a computer analysis system believes that this particular customer will not bring a lot of money to the online store, then it can be serviced last. This is the essence of the new Generating Current Order Fulfillment Plans Based on Expected Future Orders patent that received from the US Patent Office.

    The system calculates what is the profit from each order for different delivery periods (taking into account the cost of storing goods). Such a system is likely to be launched during the Christmas sales period, when the ordering and delivery service is still not able to serve all customers on time, so some are specially “slowed down”, and the most profitable are rearranged in turn. The patent application was filed in 2001, so the system must have already been tested or even put into effect.

    Patent Illustration

    Despite the cynicism of the patent, some experts assurethat it represents the natural development of an intelligent logistics system. This is an attempt to find a compromise between short-term and long-term programs to increase customer loyalty. A way to satisfy everyone and at the same time reduce their own costs.

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