T-Mobile sells unlocked phones in Germany

    In accordance with a court order, Deutsche Telekom announced today that it will immediately begin selling non-locked iPhone phones without a contract for 999 euros ($ 1,477). The price of the iPhone with a two-year contract is still 399 euros (590 dollars).

    “How many people are willing to give 999 euros for the telephone?” Said Carolina Milanesi, director of research firm Gartner in Stamford, Connecticut. “People are not used to paying that kind of money. Now, in each country, people are looking for an opportunity to get around the problem of binding to the operator. ”

    The Bloomberg website reports that buyers who purchased an iPhone in Germany after November 19 have the option to unlock it for free, just like existing users.

    Prior to this, the only way to unlock the phone was to “hack” using third-party software. The presented legal way to unlock may make the iPhone inaccessible for updating its software.

    Source: mac-city

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