The Cybersin Project

    When, thirty years ago, Pinochet’s armed forces overthrew the Chilean government, they discovered a communications system, the “socialist Internet,” which entangled the whole country.

    In Santiago, the capital of Chile, the government of Salvador Allende hired Stafford Beerto conduct an experiment known as Project Cybersyn. What Stafford Beer did, he said, was the "introduction" of the electronic "nervous system" into Chilean society. He worked in Chile for two years, returning to England every few months, where his British team also worked on the Cybersin Project. The result of this collaboration was a new communication system, stretching over the entire length of Chile, daily transmitting information on the products of factories and plants, on the flows of important raw materials, on the number of rejects and other economic problems. The control program was written by Chilean engineers in collaboration with the British. The system was connected to 500 enterprises by the Cybernet network, information from which was transmitted in real time to the control room, which was located in the capital of Chile.

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