Who is good at Habré now.

    My father told me that earlier, in his time, people went to football to cheer for their team, to look at the sight, at the sport. There were no fans, there was no anger and hatred. Because football is a game and a sport, not a war.

    I will also tell my daughter that before, IT was free from hatred and prejudice. Because IT is technology, it is a tool, not a weapon. Now it’s very sad to watch people make holivars and with foam at the mouth prove the same as they do, that Makos / Ubuntu / Winda / Redhat / Gentu / Bzdya is the best OS in the world. And that those who use IE / Opera / Fox / Safari are just losers.

    You do not like that on Microsoft advertising hangs? So and in what rules it is written that on Habr it is necessary to hate MS? You do not like that they write a lot about Haberfax on Firefox? Well, don’t bother about this in the comments! People like him, I personally do not. But let them discuss.

    In general, let's be older.

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