Freebie Power

    "Attention!!! The leadership of in RuNet unconditionally! Confirmation is a masterly planned hacker attack, which gives us and you, dear visitors, a lot of trouble. We apologize for the temporary difficulties associated with the availability of the site, and we dare to assure that very soon the work of WomanJournal will be completely normalized! ”

    A “masterly planned hacker attack” is nothing more than the power of a freebie that attracts crowds of Russian women from , which launched a new contest.
    The meaning of the contest is to switch from one female site to another site and search for articles there at the prompt.
    Previously, the site itself repeatedly “fell” from the same “masterfully planned attacks” as a result of its own actions. This time, holding an action together with another site, for some reason they did not consider it necessary to warn the partner about the possible consequences. Or is it an elegant elimination of competitors?

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