Smart pen navigation

    Here, Kenwood recently introduced its pen-shaped navigation system.

    The pen can recognize a section of a paper map and transmit coordinates to an additional monitor. And the monitor already displays more detailed information about the selected location.

    It is clear that, in principle, such a system of meaning has little, because fussing with paper cards that take up a bunch of space, and try to find the page you need on it - not everyone will do it. Modern navigation devices have long overtaken this system in convenience, speed and compactness.

    However, Kenwood is positioning its pen as a system for people who can’t get used to the innovations in navigation devices and still can’t refuse paper maps. This pen, in theory, will help them begin to master and smooth out the transition from paper to electronics.

    In general, I was more interested in the pen as a device that can recognize a picture on a map and find the coordinates of a “viewed” place. I wonder if she can recognize different types of cards, from different manufacturers, or only those that come with the kit?
    It is clear that the cards are all made to standards. But after all, different editions of the same place on the map may differ in details, the presence of additional designations and even the devil of which, which may confuse the pen.

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