The idea for the project is UMS.


    At the moment there are many different, very interesting and promising CMS-ok, forum engines, frameworks, etc.

    At Drupal, you can easily organize a community-moderated community with elements of multi-blogging. Wordpress is good for a personal blog. Easy-to-learn Joomla with many third-party modules allows you to create decent sites tailored to the "corporate" requirements. ModX is ideal for SEO-oriented small sites, and its concept involves rapid development. Boonex Dolphin is good as a community portal, dating site and person search by certain criteria. The SMF forum is not bad in conjunction with Joomla, Phpbb - “no words, only emotions” ... But on Vanilla you can generally make a complete website, taking into account easy extensibility and having your own framework, about MediaWiki - what can I say ...

    One problem only. How to connect all this together in any large project?

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    At the moment, when trying to use several CMS in one project, the question immediately arises of their mutual integration, especially for a single user base in one project.

    Below is the simplest option, 3 elements:

    Single arrows mean moving the user-date. The double arrow is the “module” of integration.

    In general, still back and forth ... You can provide a user-date cycle - the user logs in to the drupal, which already passes the user-date to the jumla (for comments, for example) and the forum. But there are already questions about ongoing support, compatibility issues when changing (updating) individual cms - elements of the system.

    Example with 5 elements:

    Drupal, let’s say we use social blogging and mentoring, a wordpress for a personal blog of a manager or secretary who is not very keen on computer issues, using JOB using SOBI2 and Virtumart as a catalog and a store, Modix as a display of SEO-relevant content, a forum for communication. Well, Wiki as a hypothetical 6th element.

    It’s impossible to put it mildly. When updating one element of the system, the whole system will die.

    One of the possible solutions to the problem is to add one element of the UMS (user management system):

    That is, you need something like the Jumlov community team at the level of different CMS and as a separate CMS.

    When such a system appears, the task of integrating systems is facilitated. No need to write 5 modules for different systems, but just write one for UMS.

    You can also optionally use OpenID to identify users in UMS.

    In general, a very promising idea for a startup in the style of AVIZon , what do you think? :)

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    ps. based on UMS - “CMS2.0” (content management system management system) may be formed :)

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