Hitachi will no longer make PCs

    Hitachi, one of the first companies to start manufacturing personal computers back in 1978, announced that it was leaving the market. The reason was called a small demand for the company's products manufactured under the Prius brand.

    There is nothing strange, however, in the decision of the company's management. Firstly, Hitachi has recently sold its PCs mainly in the Japanese market, losing in the world classification not only to the giants of HP, Lenovo or Dell, but also to most other competitors. And, secondly, for a company engaged in the production of such a wide range of products (from dishwashers to nuclear reactors), the loss of an already not awkward direction is by no means a crisis, but simply a reorientation of production.

    By the way, the unit, previously engaged in the production of finished PCs, will soon be engaged in the development and production of products for television and radio broadcasting.

    via Reuters

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