Trademark Registration

    There's a cool (well, at least for me) IT title that could be a great name for a company. Actually, for this it was invented, but the situation has changed, the creation of the company is postponed, so the question arose: how can I “stake out” this name? I really like it.
    Firstly, in the era of the Internet, of course, you need to register a domain. In the ru zone, I did this a week after the notion (by the way, I think that I was pulling for a long time, I could miss it). Com, net, org and others are secondary, and I don’t have the desire to pay for their renewal every year until the name is used.
    A friend advised to register a trademark. Having made inquiries, I tell. There is no concept of “trademark” in Russian law, but there is a concept of “ trademark", Equivalent to it (so in the" Consultant "it is necessary to search for it). The registration of trademarks is carried out by Rospatent , and it is made out in certain classes.goods and services. Thus, registering a trademark for one class does not prohibit someone else from doing the same with your name in another class. It will take 1-2 years for everything, for normal or 7 months for accelerated registration, and every 10 years it will need to be extended. In monetary terms, this is expressed as follows: verbal designation - 16,500 rubles. (1-2 years) or 25,500 rubles. (7 months); fine designation - 18,000 rubles. (1-2 years) or 27,000 rubles. (7 months); combined designation - 19,500 rubles. (1-2 years) or 28,500 rubles. (7 months). In short, a lot for the fact that, perhaps, it will not be used for a long time and will not be profitable.
    Maybe you still know ways, if not legal, but at least moral (such as a domain) to protect the name from withdrawal?

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