Gmail gets IMAP support!

    Google seems to be working on IMAP integration in Gmail, according to Download Squad . Some attentive users have already noticed a new setting in the interface, however it is clearly available only to a small number of Gmail and Google Apps for domains users.

    Last night there was no talk of any IMAP support in the settings, but after some time , IMAP help appeared in the Gmail help materials . New help pages explain how to configure a new feature. This is as simple as with POP, but with significantly greater benefits.

    Why is IMAP support so important to Gmail? Using IMAP will allow users to access their mail from desktop applications such as Outlook or Thunderbird, read, modify, delete messages - and all changes will be displayed on all platforms. So now, if you log into your account, the message read in Thunderbird will be marked accordingly. You will no longer have to wade through the jungle of already read messages.

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