Opera 9.24 / Opera 9.50

    Norwegian developers have released a new version of a smart and beloved by many browsers. The Opera 9.24 is almost no change compared with the previous version, only the correction of two errors: one could allow an attacker to run malicious code on users' computers using a third-party e-mail clients, and others make it possible to substitute one site javascript function from another.

    Download: Opera_9.24_International_Setup.exe , 6.25Mb

    If someone wants more significant updates, now the version of the Opera under the code name Kestrel (English "kestrel") is in active development. She has already been announced on Habrahabr . In a nutshell - it will be even fasterOpera 9.5 with significantly improved built-in mail client M2, enhanced support for SVG and CSS3 selectors. Currently, Opera 9.50 build 9613 alpha ( o950s_9613m.exe , 5Mb) is available for testing . The latest test versions of Opera with a list of improvements and bug fixes can always be found on the official Team Team developers blog .

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