Hyundai Touch Screen Watch Phone

    Company Hyuindai in marketing watch mobile phone W-100 with amazing for such a small Shelezyaka, characteristics.

    W-100.  Watch phone from Hyundai

    In addition to determining the current time, you can:
    • make a phone call using a Bluetooth headset (for the feeling of complete freedom)
    • dial on the touch screen phone numbers and numbers for the calculator (yes, the calculator is also there)
    • 1.3 megapixel camera
    • mp3 player for listening to music and time signals
    Not enough? Then here is another one for you:
    • video player
    The last feature, in conjunction with myvu video glasses that went on sale , is just an explosive mixture for geeks and sympathizers.

    There is only one minor minus: the W-100 watch is currently launched only in the Asian market (but it has an English layout, which cannot but reassure!) A

    message on the planet Shelezyak

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