Orthodox sites will not participate in the Runet Prize 2007

    The results of the "People's Vote" at last year's " Runet Prize ", as many remember, quite clearly showed the very weak stability of the vote accounting system to the markup. Then in the top ten were immediately 5 sites of Orthodox themes and 4 sites of online games, whose users deliberately and undisguisedly over and over again voted for their favorite projects.

    Despite the uproar in the press and the open letter from the administrators of the winning sites in which they questioned any prestige of victory in such a poorly organized contest, the “People's Vote” Prize remains, in their opinion, almost defenseless before the stubborn masses of online activists.

    The reaction to the fact that the requests and advice of last year’s participants to the organizers were “ignored” was a new open letter from the creators of Orthodox sites in which they announced their refusal to participate in the “People’s Vote”.

    Head of the press service of the coordinator of the expert council of the Prize - Regional Public Center for Internet Technologies ( ROCIT) - Olga Podlesnaya, whom I asked to comment on this event, stated that everyone has the right to refuse to participate in the vote. According to her, “the rules for conducting online voting have been published on the site for a long time” and everyone could familiarize themselves with them if he paid more attention to this. On the technical side, the concept of voting has been redesigned. Now for your favorite sites, without limiting their number, everyone can vote once a day (against 12 hours earlier). However, as before, the check of the voter is carried out only by IP, without using identification by e-mail or in any other way. Also, the total time during which the vote was held was not reduced, as this step “did not seem reasonable” to the organizers.

    SMS voting has been canceled. Few understood his appointment last year, mainly due to the fact that the final statistics did not indicate the number of votes cast through short messages. This time you won’t have to break your head over this.

    Complaints about the quality of moderation, which, according to an open letter from Orthodox activists, allows voting sites “for adults”, Olga also rejected and, for clarity, cited one of the sites that was recently refused registration. I can say that the example was extremely clear.

    In general, the opponents of the "People's Vote" in its current form is unlikely to be able to convince anything. Moreover, nobody especially tries to convince them. Who is right, as always, will show the time and the final statistics, which will be published at the end of November.

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