Creator of suicide site arrested

    Japanese police arrested a man who was engaged in euthanasia and assisted suicides through the Internet. On his website, suicides received information on how to die in the most painless and reliable way. Here they communicated with each other and found soul mates. Group suicides in Japan have gained unhealthy popularity recently. For six years now, 30,000 Japanese have been taking their accounts with life, and this country, along with Russia, is among the world leaders in the number of suicides per thousand people.

    The owner of the famous site was Kazunari Saito, a 33-year-old electrician.
    He was calculated after he personally met one of the visitors to his site, sold her sleeping pills and strangled the girl in a dream at her request. Saito received $ 1,700 for his services. From the point of view of current laws, this is a premeditated murder.

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