Skype 3.6 Beta

    A new beta version of the Skype Internet phone has been released. In this version, high-resolution video calls are introduced (640x480 at 30 frames per second).

    Skype is a revolutionary program for voice communication over the Internet with video chat functions, which in a fairly short time has become practically the standard of IP-telephony. Such popularity is due to the unprecedented quality of voice over the Internet, using a very modest connection quality. It is possible to communicate more or less comfortably and efficiently on a simple modem connection at a speed of 57.600 (naturally we are talking about voice transmission, but not video, which requires a more serious connection to the network). And since the service is free, and home networks and ADSL are coming, Skype is becoming more and more relevant and interesting. In addition to voice and video chat, the program supports regular chat (text), group chat (conference for up to 500 people) and file transfer.

    It will not be superfluous to mention the possibility of making calls to landlines and mobile phones using the SkypeOut service and receiving calls from regular phones using SkypeIn.

    Download (22.16 MB)


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