Feel like a robocop: muscular robotic suit

    So, the future is increasingly entering our lives: the Japanese Technological Institute of the city of Kanagawa has developed a special “muscle” robotic suit for people with disabilities. A futuristic costume can easily enter the everyday life of ordinary people.

    After spending only 10 minutes dressing a 30-pound suit, you will feel like a superhero, able to easily lift 100 pounds with your own 50.

    The basis of the costume is artificial muscles made of elastic rubber and nylon with air pumps as power plants for hands and fingers. Tracking mechanisms and monitors allow you to adjust and adjust the softness and speed of steps; compression force and pressure of the hands and fingers.

    At the moment, the costume is already in production, but, unfortunately, it can only be ordered to nurses and carers. But scientists hope that soon the costume will gain more and more popularity and will be widely available.

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