1C Games on Softula

    On Friday, I was again on the " Softula ". It was the last day of the exhibition, there were fewer people, so there was no need to watch everyone at our booth right away and there was time to walk around the exhibition itself. Having visited a couple of information security stands I was interested in (I’ll write a separate post about this), I could not pass by the central exposition where 1C  presented its current games. It looked like this: As you can see in the photo, there were computers on stand 1C, where anyone could try the games presented at the exhibition. Which I did. :-) I somehow did not appreciate the charm of the shooter “ Bioshok ”. I understand that all these rave reviews


    not in vain, but somehow did not interfere. Maybe the level was boring (dull corridors, where the opponents are just a few ordinary guards, and the weapons are an ordinary automatic rifle), maybe the extraneous sounds of the exhibition were distracting around ... Yes, the game is beautiful, but why does it have the same conventions that were in shooters about 8 years ago: not every object can be destroyed (the frail wire fence looks funny, which remains unscathed by a grenade burst and, thus, is an insurmountable obstacle for the protagonist) ... But he decided to buy it (the game went on sale for a day October 5), to play in a relaxed environment.

    And here’s the car simulator “ Four-wheel drive 2: HUMMER”, In honor of which a real“ Hammer ”car was located at the stand, immediately captivates. Great graphics - that goes without saying, but the heart naturally freezes when the Hammer climbs a ridge a little wider than the car itself. The following inscriptions on the screen look like a mockery: “Penalty - damage to the tape” (enclosing the track). What, nafig, tape - there would not be to fall into the abyss! :-) At some point, the thought crept in that I couldn’t buy a steering wheel at home too, in order to drive into the Hammer. But, nevertheless, this is not mine - enough of me flight simulators. :-)

    As for flight simulators, a pair of computers with excellent multi-function (stick + separate throttle stick) joysticks were given to the spectacular game “Lock On: Black Shark” (strange, there is nothing about it on 1C website) As the name implies, the player will fly the legendary Ka-50 Black Shark combat helicopter. After my beloved IL-2 Sturmovik with its ascetic screw planes of the forties, the helicopter’s cockpit with dozens of dials is discouraging: you don’t know what to do, where to look and press. Nevertheless, the control and navigation are similar to the IL-2, with a sin, he was able to take to the air in half and attack the targets. The potential of the game feels great, you just need to understand it properly in order to fly with pleasure.

    The IL-2 Sturmovik was also presented at the exhibition (the photo shows a large model of the attack aircraft hanging from the ceiling), but, apparently, because the Platinum Collection"Was released last year, the game was given only one computer. With unprecedented mental anguish, he watched as a comrade sitting behind him tried to bring down a bomber from a distance of 2 km (the aiming range of the aircraft of that time was on average up to 700 meters). As soon as he got tired and decided to free the computer, they called me from our booth and asked me to come and replace the people who decided to have lunch. :-) I

    also saw the strategies “ XIII century: Glory or death ” and “ World War II ”. The toys are very beautiful, but did not try: you need to deal with strategies slowly and thoughtfully, and in the bustle of a few minutes of the exhibition you will only ruin the impression.

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