Cyber ​​war in Estonia arranged by the hacker group "Gelatin"

    The famous journalist and cyberpunk writer Bruce Sterling was very impressed with what happened in Estonia five months ago, when the computer infrastructure of this small country was subjected to a powerful DDoS attack . It is still not entirely clear what happened then, but experts continue to discuss this unprecedented case, which is called the first-ever example of full-scale cyber regression against the whole state.

    What happened in April-May 2007? Bruce Sterling has his own version. At one of his lectures at the University of Korea, he said that the executor of the DDoS attack is most likely the Russian hacker group Zhelatin. Most interestingly, this little war game is just a weak demonstration of the capabilities of the world's largest botnet controlled by Gelatin. The true capabilities of this “weapon” we still have to find out in the future, but anyone, even a whole country, can become a target.

    Lecture by Bruce Sterling at a conference in Seoul: video (28 min 35 sec).

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