The service of free selection of profitable loans has opened

    The project “100 Credits” has begun work on the Internet, aimed at individuals who want to quickly pick up and get the most profitable bank loan. Users of the service fill out a short application on the website containing credit requests and personal data.

    The application arrives at all banks of the client's region of residence. Credit managers of banks whose programs are in accordance with the client’s requests and who are previously ready to provide him with credit on the conditions specified in the application, contact the client by e-mail or phone, and the client selects the best of the offers received.

    Thus, the client saves both time and money. He no longer needs to ring up all the banks in search of the cheapest loan. On the contrary, bank representatives themselves call and offer their services. The user can only choose the best offer from the received.

    “100 Credits” works with four types of loans: mortgage, car loan, consumer loan and credit cards. Users have the opportunity to independently calculate the effective interest rate on the loan, as well as compare the proposals received from banks on a number of parameters: monthly loan payment, maximum purchase price and maximum loan repayment time based on customer income.

    Services for individuals are absolutely free. Now only Moscow banks are connected to the service, but regional expansion is planned for the near future.

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