Advise Project Manager for a small studio

    Good evening everyone . I turn for advice to a wide audience of habrahabr for advice. There is a small team of web developers, or so to speak, web studio. With the increase in orders, they began to face the compilation of TODO for each day and the distribution of tasks for each member of the studio, but they came to the conclusion that there is no necessary means for resolving these tasks. Therefore, the question arose in the search for Project Manager in which it will be possible to conduct all projects. I want him to have many necessary criteria, such as:

    management Project
    management Client management *
    Keep track of the time spent on a specific part of the project, the entire project and other statistics
    A bug tracker is required in which bugs from clients will be received and further trial will be conducted on a bug

    We rummaged through several similar things, for example: TrackStudio, Trac, SugarCRM, now we deal with the latter, but they are too bloated and in some way are not suitable for us.

    If anyone is faced with a detailed problem, tell me what you can choose for us for convenient collaboration and management. Tell us what tools you use to solve such problems.

    PS We work in Linux , so Windows-based solutions will not help us.

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