Million from Apple.

    On September 24, a certain Dongmei Li filed a lawsuit against Apple, Steve Jobs and AT&T for reducing the price of iPhone by $ 200.

    On June 29, Dongmei Li stood behind a telephone in a long line. When the time came to buy an iPhone, it turned out that there was no 8 GB left, and she bought an iPhone with 4 GB of memory. Dongmei Li says that Apple had no reason to lower the price of the iPhone: phone sales were going well, and the company's shares were growing in price. She also did not like the fact that Apple gave out $ 100 in iTunes only to those iPhone buyers who bought it no earlier than two weeks before the price reduction (she was offended that she did not get it) .

    The most interesting thing is that Dongmei Li wants to sue Apple a milliondollars. This money will cover the costs of doing business and a lawyer and compensate for moral damage.

    It’s even funny when buyers sue the seller for lower prices ...

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