Bright Side is buying western advertising site

    The most famous advertising project in Runet - - continued its movement to the West by acquiring .

    According to marat project manager Marat Mukhametov, the experience of , opened not so long ago, showed that a paid subscription to information is more profitable than simply placing contextual advertising. That is why it was decided to increase activity in this direction. was launched in 2004. His audience is English-speaking advertising specialists. The project is known, first of all, thanks to the Coincidence Collection (on Bright Side there is a similar Russian-language collection) The collection is a good factor, daily attracting a new audience to the site.

    As a result of the transaction, team is going to develop the project as a resource, where you can find a large and easy-to-use collection of various matches in advertising, as well as thematic collections of advertising by industry. These tools for analyzing advertising are in demand among advertising agencies.

    Marat Mukhametov notes that it is almost impossible to compete with Western "monsters", therefore Adme services are essentially international: "Both Western and Russian advertisers are looking for approximately the same thing, so there is nothing ingenious in providing them with such a tool."

    At the moment, is not a very large audience, because it is a closed service for a rather limited circle of users. However, according to the project manager, sales are made daily. “I will not hide the fact that it is very difficult for us to advertise and develop it from here, and there is almost no experience in this area, so we have some hopes for the acquisition of this project is much more famous,” says Marat Mukhametov.

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