Vulnerability OpenOffice is dangerous not only for Windows users

    An error in image processing detected in the OpenOffice cross-platform package is dangerous even for users of systems traditionally considered protected - Linux and Mac. Windows, of course, too.

    According to ZDNet , OpenOffice version 2.0.4 and later contains a vulnerability in TIFF image processing. OpenOffice 2.3, released in September 2007, does not contain a vulnerability.

    Opening a file with a specially formed image inside on any OS can lead to infection. Since this is a bug in OpenOffice, it does not depend on the operating system. TrustDefender has confirmed the danger of this error for Linux. Potentially, all systems for which this package is supplied are at risk.

    Symantec recalls the Badbunny worm that spread in June 2007 through another package vulnerability and recommends updating OpenOffice and not opening files from untrusted sources.

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