Windows users are more religious

    We all saw this ridiculous Apple ad in the style of "Mac vs PC" , which clearly shows how the owners of "Macs" differ from Windows users. Judging by the advertising, these are completely different people. The first are talented, creative, beautiful, smart and smart. The second is boring, tasteless, dull and thick. Of course, this is just an advertisement.

    But some studies show that there really is a big difference between Windows and Mac users. For example, the advanced Thoof recommendation engineable to analyze what texts to offer for reading to each visitor to the site, depending on his surfing history. For each user, topics that interest him are determined. So, an analysis of the preferences of Mac and Windows users shows the fundamental differences between these two social groups.

    Here are some interesting stats .

    Windows users are 20% more interested in religious stories. Perhaps this is due to the fact that in their lives there are much more inexplicable phenomena and mystical incidents, such as freezing programs and the “blue screen of death”. Do they just have to pray more often?

    Windows users are 39% more likely to read personal finance, savings, and savings stories.

    Mac users are 6% more likely to be interested in intellectual property issues, 5% more likely to be interested in fitness, and 20% more likely to be interested in biology.

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