OpenOffice 2.3 released

    The release of a new version of the free suite of office applications OpenOffice 2.3 ( download ). In addition to eliminating glitches found, the new version pleases with new functionality in virtually all programs in the package. For example, the Chart charting tool has been completely redone ; a filter for exporting Wikipedia (MediaWiki) has appeared in the Writer text editor. Calc spreadsheets have improved compatibility with MS Excel, including the correct export of functions that are not available in MS Excel. Writer, Calc, Draw, and Impress now have a function to preview a document in a browser before exporting to .html format. Here is a complete list of innovations .

    The second version of OpenOffice was released almost two years ago. Total registered96 million downloads .

    The release took place two days before the start of the annual OpenOffice developers conference, which will be held from Wednesday to Friday in Barcelona. By the way, at this conference, sociological data on OpenOffice users will be published. The developers want to dispel the myth that they are mainly young people, students and teenagers. According to them, more than half of users are over 40 years old.

    Among all users, only 20% use OpenOffice at work, two-thirds never run macros, and more than half use the “enemy” Microsoft Office in parallel.

    via Computerworld

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