Rutube commercials will be shown on television

    At the beginning of this week , the joint project ATV (Author's television) and started on the DTV channel . Viewers of the “Extra” program, which is released on weekdays at 20:30, are invited to post their video stories on the website, the best of which are shown on the air every day according to the results of the rating selection. This is the first Russian implementation of the concept of TV 2.0. Here acts as an aggregator of user video content, and in the future partners plan to carry out live television broadcasts from different parts of the world. In particular, it is planned to organize feedback video communication with viewers. The little-known DTV channel can now claim the title of the most innovative in Russia.

    “Access to the big television screen for us is a systematic step in the development strategy,” says Mikhail Paulkin, co-founder of - We were not going to and are not going to lock ourselves in the framework of a regular video hosting, but we strive to maximize the reach of human video needs. For this, we are ready to partner with all the traditional players in this market: cinema, TV, mobile video, etc. ”

    This is not the first online initiative of the ATV television company, which back in 2003 launched the online television project Politx.

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