is a movie, not a site

    As part of the second festival of American cinema, "New Images of America," the documentary "" will be shown.

    The film “” tells about childhood friends - Kaleil Isaz Tuzman and Tom German and about their creation of the famous site GovWorks.comwhich allowed ordinary citizens to communicate directly with local authorities. In just a year, young entrepreneurs find $ 60 million, hire hundreds of people, and meet President Clinton. However, the securities market is testing them for durability: they are faced with ever new problems, solve technical issues, plow the turbulent waters of venture capital. However, this does not prepare Kaleil and Tom for the most important thing - their personal conflict over the management of the site. This conflict threatens not only their company and work, but also threatens to put an end to their long-standing friendship.

    "European", September 23, Sunday, 16-00, Hall number 3

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